Joe Hooker's Official Dispatch


Joe Hooker’s Official Dispatch.

I thought I’d cross the river,
And whip out General LEE;
But blast his rebel liver!
He turned the trick on me.

Brave SEDGWICH was commanded
To move upon his right;
And when the army landed,
To march on Marye’s height.

By numbers we succeeded,
And took the dreaded post;
But soon our men “seceded,”
With naught of which to boast.

For soon came back the rebels,
With shouts that rent the sky;
And from incarnate devils
Our soldiers had to fly.

In haste we sought our pontoons,
Each striving for the van,
“The devil take the hindmost,”
And save yourself who can!”

“I “Fighting JOE,” in person,
Upon their left bore down,
And aimed with quick destruction,
To crush them at a bound.

The dreaded “Stonewall” JACKSON,
I thought in front I’d meet;
And either take him captive,
Or make him soon retreat.

A courier now comes hast’ ning,
And brings the glorious news,
That JACKSON is “skedadling,”
And back to Richmond goes.

His words are scarcely spoken,
When cannon booming near,
Give out the startling token,
That “STONEWALL’S” in our rear!

“Confusion worse confounded”
Now in our ranks prevailed,
And leaving dead and wounded,
For “foreign parts” we sailed.

That JACKSON always flanks us,
Whatever scheme we plan;
In generalship and bravery.
There ne’er was such a man.

If he were slain in battle,
We still would quake with fear,
For if a bush would rattle,
We’d think his spirit there.

BURNSIDE was badly beaten,
But I have fared still worse:
I sought a rebel meeting,
But found it was a curse.

They dash upon a rampart,
And take it with a shout;
Nothing that we ever start
Can keep these rebels out.

Where now is all my boasting,
Of what great things I’d do?
I got a “tarnal roasting—
Like Burnside “smashed up” too!

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    Shelton, Wm. J. (William J.)
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