Hush, My Darlings, Do Not Weep


H. J. Wehman, Song Publisher, 50 Chatham St., N. Y.

Hush, My Darlings, Do Not Weep

Hush, my darlings, do not weep!
Better days are coming near,
Sails a ship across the deep,
And I know ’twill soon be here.
Oh, it brings to Erin’s land,
Help and food for us galore!
Gift to us from Freedom’s land,
May heaven bless it evermore!

Oh, how bitter was our woe
When we heard our children cry,
And we saw them hungry grow,
Beg for food, and, pleading, die!
Then our mother-hearts they bled,
And our anguish who can speak?
’Till from Freedom’s land there sped
Stores of bounty for the weak!

Bless the willing hands of gold
That have given bread to mine,
Grant them happiness untold—
May the sun for them e’er shine.
Could they see our children dear
Clap their little hands in glee,
Oh, ’twould ever glad and cheer
Freedom’s daughters o’er the sea!

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