How the Veterans Broke Up Jeff Davis' Ball


Soldiers can receive 14 of our beautifully illustrated Ballads, on receipt of 50 cents, by addressing G. P. HARDWICK, Washington,D. C. COPYRIGHT SECURED.

How The Veterans Broke Up Jeff Davis’ Ball

Far down in the South there lives Jeffy Davis,
He has swindled his friends till they hav’nt a pound
Secession he thought would make him a man again,
Leave him a fortune and plenty of ground.
He gave a large party to friends and relations
That stood by his side his treason to call,
And if you but listen I’ll make your eyes glisten
With a promise then made for Davis’ Ball.

His wife and himself gave free invitations
To all the Chivalry, first to be last,
And in less than an hour had plenty of traitors,
All drinking his whisky like bees round a cask.
He says to the Army, now march into Washington,
Be there on the Fourth on Lincoln to call,
And give out my cards to the great Yankee Nation,
To make themselves ready for Davis’ Ball.

He called upon Lee to start up the music,
And then upon Ewell to lead on the van;
Then Longstreet and Hill will ford the Potomac,
And drive all the Yankees from our Maryland;
We’ll dine on the best in the Cumberland Valley,
And take enough home to last us a year;
Then when we have feasted we’ll make a grand rally
And drive to the North these Old Volunteers.

They all started off in the best of good spirits,
And drinking together to Gettysburg came,
When an accident happened the great Rebel Army—
They routed and ran from the Yankees again.
Says Lee to his army, we must be mistaken,
They’ve found out our plan, and the road we have lost;
I’m afraid I am whipped—now save your own bacon,
I never would come had I counted the cost.

I don’t like the tune these Yankees are playing,
The old Yankee Doodle they give us too fine;
We’ve got a bad thrashing, there’s no use denying-
The best we have had since Davis’ time.
Some took to their heels and fled to the mountains,
And thousands beside on their knees they did fall,
They begged, for thest lives, to save them the trouble
Of leaving their cards for Davis’ Ball.

Oh! yes, says the Yankees, we’ll save you the trouble,
You thought we were cowards, and would let you run
All over the border to kick up the devil,
And then take a turn into our Washington;
But now we have shown we’re fighting in earnest,
Secession must fall you certainly see;
Jeff Davis and lady have issued a protest
To give up in future his Washington Ball.

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