Sheridan! Cavalry Sheridan!


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Sheridan! Cavalry Sheridan!

Come! Soldier’s all, lets sing this song
Of Sheridan! brave Sheridan!
Who, with the 6th and 19th Corps,
Our Sheridan! brave Sheridan!
Drove Early down the Shenandoah,
And captured all his plunder’d store,
Then put to flight his rebel horde.
Our Sheridan! brave Sheridan!

These rebel raiders in July,
In Maryland! in Maryland!
Made the defenceless foeman fly
From Maryland! from Maryland!
Where are they now—Mc Causland’s crew
Who boasted loud what they would do?
Why! beaten, killed, and captured too
By Sheridan! brave Sheridan!

When Early found he had to yield
To Sheridan! brave Sheridan!
He calls new Generals to the field
For Sheridan! brave Sheridan!
But Custer cleaned his Rosser out;
And Newell, Lomaz soon did rout;
Now Early, “you’ve gone up the spout,”
By Sheridan! our Sheridan!

Come! twine the wreath of laurel now,
For Sheridan! brave Sheridan!
And place it on our chieftain’s brow;
Our Sheridan! brave Sheridan!
With ruby wine the beaker fill;
Drink to his braves at “Fisher’s Hill;”
Give them three cheers! with hearty will,
For Sheridan! brave Sheridan!

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