Soldier's Farewell


Soldier’s Farewell.

Now dear friends we are to leave you,
For the Army and the wars,
To defend our flag from Traitors,
And preserve our country’s laws.

For this flag our fathers struggled,
Whitened many a field with slain,
To build up this mighty nation.
And their birthright to maintain.

We the sons of Patriot fathers,
Are not worthy of those sires,
If we let base traitors trample
One the Glorious Stripes and Stars.

Traitors they have tried rebellion,
Ruined all their peaceful homes,
We will pay them for their treason
To the flag they once had borne.

Many dear old friends have fallen
For our Flag and country’s cause,
We will show the same devotion
To restore our nation’s laws.

Then from his Iey Throne, the Eagle,
Emblem dear on sea and land,
Looking down, see peace and plenty
Bless the friends we leave behind.

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    Still Image
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    Hardwick, Geo. P., Mrs.
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    20 cm x 13 cm
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