The Battle of Gettysburg


The Battle of Gettysburg.

In June of ‘63, I suppose you all know,
Gen’ I Lee had a plan into Washington to go;
For Lincoln’s men are going home, and then, my boys, we’ll try,
While everything is lovely, and the goose hands high.

He starts the raid, with Stuart to lead the rebel van,
For forage, it was getting low; poor rations had his men;
But our Union boys had seen the game, and here’s the reason why:
They’d watched these rebel tactics while the goose hung high.

They Stuart whipped with heavy loss, his F. F. V’s so brave,
And black to Old Virginia his command now fled to save;
And as they did not get the goose, you ask the reason why?
They don’t like the Yankee cooking, and the goose was up too high.

But Lee he was not satisfied to let this goose alone,
He says, my boys, we’ll fix them yet, to Pennsylvania come; Across Potomac’s fords advance, let us these Yankees show,
And in spite of Hooker’s army, into Washington we will go.

Brave Gen’l Meade then took command of the true Union sons,
And soon they found his Veteran Boys were serving Yankee guns;
At Gettysburg they routed them; Lee says to Richmond go,
We’ve missed the road to Washington for they’ve hung our goose too low.

Jeff Davis, now, was getting scared, and sent for Lee to come,
As Richmond was in danger instead of Washington;
But Meade, he followed up so close, and made the rebels fly,
They left ten thousand prisoners, while the goose hung high.

Now, Davis, light your pipe with this, our Yankee Boys have won;
Lee hasn’t got to Harrisburg, nor into Washington;
Now Grant has taken Vicksburg, you never need to try,
You cannot whip the Yankee Boys while the goose hangs high.

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