Jack Lannigan's Wake


Published by Chas. Magnus. 12 Frankfort St. N.Y.

Jack Lannigan’s wake.

In the town of Mayo Jack Launigan liv’d,
Till grim death, one fine morning, his spirit did take,
When the brothy boys round, just to show their respects for him,
Swore they would give him a slathering wake.
There was Brian O’Lynn, and Terence O’Toole,
The Widow Machree, and squint-eyed Tim Brannagan;
There was whiskey galore—the devil to pay,
And the piper besides, at the wake of Jack Lannigan.

The Misses O’Neil were decked out in their best:
There was red-headed Bob, and blind Pat with the pipes
And had you been there, ’twould have done your eyes good
To see Paddy Miles get away with the SWIPES.
Says Tim to the widdy; Will you try a pertaty?
Arrah, darlint, says she, an’ it’s whiskey I’ll take,
And I swear by the piper that play’d before Moses,
They had a fine shindy, at Lannigan’s wake

When the piper struck up, faith, it drove them all crazy,
Some jump’d, some hooroo’d, and some dane’d a jig;
Teddy, the tiler, ‘most busted his biler,
And the widow Machree danc’d a reel with the pig!
All at once, about twenty then grabb’d their shilalahs,
And at it they went, ’till the shanty did shake!
Of all the wild pranks ever play’d in Ould Ireland,
Nothing ever equall’d Jack Lannigan’s wake.

But all things must end: the whiskey gave out,
The piper fell over—the pipes squeal’d no more;
The dancers and fighters ceas’d jumping and thumping,
And, all in a heap, fell DEAD DRUNK on the floor.
When the neighbors came in for the corpse in the morning
The divil a bit if they knew which to take!
So, they just put the lot in nice illigant coffins,
And buried them all, after Lannigan’s wake.

500 Illustrated Ballads, lithographed and printed by CHARLES MAGNUS, No. 12 Frankfort Street, New York.,Branch Office No. 520 7th St., Washington,D.C.

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