Brave Boys


Published by Chas. Magnus. 12 Frankfort. St. N.Y.

Brave boys.

Heavily falls the rain,
Wild are the breezes to-night;
But ‘neath the roof the hours as they fly,
Are happy, and calm, and bright.
Gathering round our firesides,
Tho’ it be summer time,
We sit and talk of brothers abroad,
Forgetting the midnight chime.

Under the homestead roof,
Nestled so cozy and warm,
While soldiers sleep with little or naught,
To shelter them from the storm.
Resting on grassy couches,
Pillow’d on hillocks damp;
Of martial fare how little we know,
Till brothers are in the camp.

Thinking no less of them, Loving our country the more,
We sent them forth to fight for the flag,
Their fathers before them bore.
Though the great tear drops started,
This was our parting trust:
“God bless you, boys! we’ll welcome you
When rebels are in the dust.”

May the bright wings of love,
Guard them wherever they roam;
The time has come when brothers must fight,

And sisters must pray at home,
Oh! the dread field of battle!
Soon to be strewn with graves!
If brothers fall, then bury them where
Our banner in triumph waves.

500 Illustrated Ballads, lithographed and printed by CHARLES MAGNUS. No. 12 Frankfort Street, New York.Branch Office No. 520 7th St., Washington,D.C.

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    Work, Henry C. (Henry Clay), 1832-1884
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