Will Nobody Marry Me?


Published by Chas. Magnus, 12 Frankfort St. N.Y.

Will nobody marry me?

High ho! for a husband! high ho!
There’s danger in longer delay,
Shall I never again have a beau?
Will nobody marry me, pray?
I begin to feel strange, I declare,
With beauty my prospects will fade.
I’d give myself up to despair,
If I thought I would die an old maid.

I once cut the beaux in a huff;
I thought it a sin and a shame,
That nobody had spirit enough
To ask me to alter my name,
So I turned up my nose at the short,
And roll’d up my eyes at the tall,
But then, I just did it in sport,
And now I’ve no lover at all,

These men are the plague of my life;
’Tis hard for so many to choose,
Should any wish one, for a wife,
Could I have the heart to refuse?
I don’t know, for none have proposed,
Oh! dear me, I’m frightened, I vow.
Good Gracious! who ever supposed,
That I should be single till now;

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