When I'm On a Distant Shore


Published by Chas. Magnus, 12 Frankfort St. N.Y.

When i am on a Distant Shore. Air: The Harp that once through Tara’s Hall.

When I am on a distant shore,
A way from home and thee,
Wilt thou recall the days of yore
And give a sigh for me?
And when the dewy hour of eve
Shall hush the songbird’s lay,
Wilt thou, my darling, fondly grieve,
For him, who’s far away?

And wilt thou ever fondly think,
How once, at that sweet hour,
We watched the sunbeam’s slowly sink;
As night began to lower;
And how, when day had sunk to rest,
And stars shone bright above—
I drew thee to my throbbing breast
And told thee of my love?

And wilt thy mem’ry then recall,
The vows we fondly swore;
And how we said, whae’er befall,
We’d love forever more;
That though the future might be bright,
Or painful, dark, and drear,
Our love, with still increasing light,
Would brighten every year?

O! tell me once again, my love,
That thou wilt fondly dream,
When thou dost see the stars above,
Shine forth with gentle beam;
Of that sweet hour when thou didst bless,
My fond and faithful heart:
And I’ll recall thy fond caress,
When we are far apart.

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