The 195th Pennsylvania Volunteer


Published by Chas. Magnus, 12 Frankfort St. N.Y.

The 195th Pennsylvania volunteers.

At Berryville. fifteen days we stayed,
When the sixth of June, in the evening late
We packed our things, and as the Band did play,
We formed in line, and marched away
To Winchester, we came at one in the night,
Where we slept in the Field all side by side.
On the 7th the old Batallion, Co’s A B and C.
Got orders to be mustered out at Harpers ferry

For the Sheneandoah Valley we next did strike,
And marched six miles yet before night,
At four next morning Revelly was played
and eighteen miles we marched that day.
Next morning the ninth, at five o’clock.
We started again and came through Woodstock,
One mile south of Mount Jackson we came,
There we pitched tents and drew rations while it rained.

Next day the tenth, at five o’clock A. M.
Revelly was played and we started again,
Twenty one miles we had to march that day,
When two miles from Harrisburg for the night we stayed.
In the morning at six we started away,
And at Harrisonburg Co’s D, I F, and H did stay,
Companies E, G, and K for Staunton went.
When next day at ten their March did end.

At Harrisonburg and Staunton the men liked it well,
And one month and a half in the Valley did dwell,
When the 25th of July the Staunton boys left,
And eight miles from Staunton that night they did rest,
Next morning the twenty-sixth they started again,
Took dinner a mile from Harrisonburg at a Spring.
They rested till three when they came along so fine.
And at Harrisonburg their old comrades joined in the line.

As the Band did play we marched away,
And six miles more we marched that day,
At five next morning Revelly was played.
And twenty-five miles we marched that day.
Next morning the 28th at six the Band played, eight,
When we marched away and arrived at Strasburg at
Next day at five they played Revelly,
And to Winchester we came in the afternoon at three.

Next day the 30th in the Afternoon at four, more
We left for Stephenson Station where we encamped once
On the 31st in the afternoon at three.
We took the Cars and arrived at Harper’s Ferry.
When that same evening we started again,
Coming to Washington next morning at seven,
And on 24th Street we went in camp,
So now to my story I’ll make an end.

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