General Logan, and the Fifteenth Army Corps


Ten illustrated Songs on Notepaper, mailed to any Address on receipt of 50 cts. Published by Chas. Magnus, 12 Frankfort St, N. Y.

General Logan, and the Fifteenth army corps.

Oh, did you see the flying Johnnies
Anywhere about this place?
They picket up their guns and left very sudden,
And soon we gave them chase.
The Rebs have heard of Jonn A. Logan,
With the mustache on his face:
There’s not a rebel in the Dixie nation
But quickly gives him place.

Everybody has heard of Logan,
And his bonnie boys in blue;
It does not need any stars to know’ em-
They’re known by what they do.
They don’t go much on bread and butter,
For “hard tacks” all they go;
They’re rough and ready-that’s what’s the matter,
They’re going to Richmond too.

Our badge the U. S. Cartridge Box,
With the “forty rounds” to spare;
The ground is Red, White, Blue and Yellow,
And about two inches square.
The Johnnies know the Fifteenth Corps,
They know the badge means war,
And when they see Johnny Logan coming,
They’d rather not be “thar.”

Our Generals are all good at fighting,
Brave Smith and Walcott too;
And when they see General Osterhaus coming,
The Rebs look mighty blue.
The two General Woods and General Hazen,
And gallant General Corse:
Better fighting men never went in battle,
Or whipped the Rebels worse.

Down the river, in Mississippi,
We cleaned the rebels out;
They lost their niggers and bales of cotton
And got a terrible rout.
We marched across to Chattinooga,
And put Old Bragg to flight;
He found there was no use in trying,
The Fifteenth Corps to fight.

Joe Johnston tried to stand at Dallas,
But found it would not win;
Says he: “I cannot cope with Logan;
His Yankees fight like sin.”
Oh, did you see our Johnn e Logan,
As he rode along the line;
He waved his hat as he rode on a gallop.
And looked so mighty fine.

The rebel works about Atlanta
Defied us for a while;
But when they charged on John A. Logan,
They learned his fighting style.
Says Johnny Hood. “I’ll leave this city,
I can hold it now no more;
For Logan is in Jonesboro marching,
With his Fifteenth Army Corps”

And then we made a strike through Georgia,
Down the Atlantic shore;
General Osterhaus took the place of Logan,
In the Fifteenth Army Corps.
A lively time we had at Macon,
It was at Griswoldville,
The Georgia Militia were slain by thousand,
For Walcott fought to kill.

You must have heard of General Hazen,
And Fort McAllister;
He took it with his Second Division,
Of the Fifteenth Army Corps.
In the oyster beds we found good living,
And we enjoyed it fine;
And then, oh what a jollification,
When we opened the “cracker line.”

Old Hardee left Savannah city,
The Mayor asked us in;
We got thirty thousand bales of cotton,
Tobacco, Rum and Gin.
Away we went through South Carolina,
And all the railroads cut:
We chased the rebels out of Columbia,
And they are running yet.

Says Beauregard. “I must leave Charleston,
For Sherman is in my rear,”
’Twas fun to see him strike for Richmond,
With a large “flea in his ear.”
Cheraw, Fayetteville and Goldsboro’,
They will remember well!
Says Beauregard, “Those Blue coat Yankees
Will drive us all to hell.”

We’ll vanquish Lee and his rebel legions,
And we’ll soon close the war;
Surround Jeff Davis in the Old Dominion,
And end Rebellion there.
General Grant, they say, has taken Richmond,
And Lee won’t fight any more;
Hurrah, boys, now for a glorification,
In the Fifteenth Army Corps!

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