Oh! Dem Golden Slippers


E. NASON & CO . SONG PUBLISHERS, 120 Fulton Street, New York

Oh! Dem Golden slippers.

Oh, my golden slippers am laid away,
Kase I don’t ’spect to wear’em ’till my weddin’ day,
An’ my long-tail’d coat, dat I loved so well,
I will wear up in de chariot in de morn;
An’ my long white robe, dat I bought last June,
I’m gwine to git changed kase it fits too soon,
An’ de ole grey horse dat I used to drive,
I will hitch up to de chariot in the morn.

Oh, my ole banjo hangs on de wall,
Kase it ain’t been tuned since way last Fall,
But de darks all say we will hab a good time,
When we ride up in de chariot in the morn.
Dar’s ole brudder Ben and sister Luce,
Dey will telegraph de news to uncle Bacco Juice,
What a great camp-meetin’ dar will be dat day,

So, it’s good-bye children, I will have to go,
Whar de rain don’t fall or de wind don’t blow,
An’ yer ulster coats, why, yer will not need,
When yer ride up in de chariot in de morn;
But yer golden slippers must be nice and clean,
An’ yer age must be just sweet sixteen,
An’ yer white kid gloves yer will have to wear,

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