I've No Mother Now, I'm Weeping


E. NASON & CO. SONG PUBLISHERS. 120 Fulton Street, New York

I’ve No Mother Now, I’m Weeping.

I’ve no mother now, I’m weeping;
She has left me here alone;
She beneath the sod is sleeping;
Now there is no joy at home.
Tears of sorrow long have started—
Her bright smile no more I’ll see,
And the loved ones, too, have parted;
Where, oh! where is joy for me?

Oh! how well do I remember—
“Take this little flower”, said she,
“And when with the dead I’m numbered,
Place it at my grave for me.”
Dearest mother, I am sighing—
On thy tomb I drop a tear,
For the little plant is dying;
Now I feel so lonely here!—

I’ve no mother, still I’m weeping,
Tears my furrowed cheek how rave,
Whilst a lonely watch I’m keeping
O’er her sad and silent grave.
Soon, I hope, will be our meeting,
Then the gladness none can tell!
Who for me will then be weeping,
When I bid this world farewell?—

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