You May Look, But You Mustn't Touch


E. NASON & CO. SONG PUBLISHERS, 120 Fulton Street, New York.

You May Look, but you Mustn’t Touch.

When I was a boy, a mischievous elf,
I’d a very bad habit of helping myself;
My mother put everything out of my way,
And well I remember these words she would say.

At eight years of age, altho’ not a fool,
I was sent every day to a little girls’ school;
I romped with the girls and would not let them be,
So the schoolmistress gave the old lecture to me:—

When I grew a young man, I loved a sweet maid,
And altho’ she loved me, she was rather too staid;
I dared not embrace her, or ask for a kiss,
If I did, the reply from my love would be this:—

As we were engaged, I said no one could blame,
So her scruples in that way I soon overcame;
And the dear little creature I married one day,
And if I want a kiss now, you’ll ne’er hear say:—

We now have a son, a clever young lad,
The pride to his mother the joy of his dad;
He reads to his pa latest news of the war,
Says the newspapers give this straight tip to the Czar:—

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