Mollie Darling


E. NASON & CO. SONG PUBLISHERS, 120 Fulton Street, New York.

Mollie Darling.

Won’t you tell me, Mollie darling,
That you love none else but me?
For I love you, Mollie darling—
You are all the world to me.
Oh! tell me, darling, that you love me—
Put your little hand in mine;
Take my heart, sweet Mollie darling,
Say that you will give me thine.

Stars are smiling, Mollie darling,
Through the mystic vail of night;
They seem laughing, Mollie darling,
While fair Luna hides her light;
Oh! no one listens but the flowers,
While they hang their heads in shame—
They are modest, Mollies darling,
When they hear me call your name.

I must leave you, Mollie darling,
Though the parting gives me pain;
When the stars shine, Mollie darling,
I will meet you here again.
Oh! good night, Mollie, good-bye, loved one
Happy may you ever be;
When you’re dreaming, Mollie darling,
Don’t forget to dream of me.

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