Take Me Back to Home and Mother


E. NASON & CO. SONG PUBLISHERS, 120 Fulton Street, New York

Take me Back to Home and Mother.

Take me back to home and mother—
I am weary wandering here;
There can never be another spot
On earth that is so dear.
Tho’ I roam ’mid scenes of splendor,
Yet my heart is filled with pain,
And a longing soft and tender,
Whispers “Take me hone again.”

Take me back to home and mother,
To the happy scenes of yore,
Friends of chilhood, sister, brother,
Long to welcome me once more.
I can hear their voices ringing
In sweet memory’s refrain—
To the past my heart is clinging.—
Only take me back again.—

Take me back to home and mother,
Gentle words will great me there,
For on earth there is no other
Kindness like a mother’s care.
Life is but a dream of pleasure,
Sweetest hours must turn to pain—
Home is all I have to treasure,
Only take me home again.—

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