Old Man's Drunk Again


E. NASON&CO. SONG PUBLISHERS. 120 Fulton Street, New York

Ole Man’s Drunk Again.

You’ve no doubt, heard the song,
Of “Father, dear, come home,”
And the fate of hungry little Ben,
Who sent for him to come;
How the old man used to “smile,”
And cause the family pain;
But he let up for a little while,
And then got drunk again.

He takes his morning nip,
And loafs about the door;
He told his family more than once
That he would drink no more;
But then he would forget
Form “Benzine” to abstain;
The police, they would come and say,
“The old man’s drunk again.”—

He’d smash poor mother’s nose,
And upset brother Ned,
And drive us all into the street,
Then tumble into bed;
And when he’d be asleep,
We’d go back and remain
Until he woke and left the house
To come home drunk again.—

“O Father, dear! come home,”
Stop drinking like a sow;
You’ve drank away the beds and stove,
Don’t swallow up the cow;
Oh! don’t abuse the boys,
And cause poor mother pain,
Or we’ll rebel and “go for you,”
When you get drunk again.—

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