You've Been a Friend to Me


E. NASON & CO. SONG PUBLISHERS, 120 Fulton Street, New York

You’ve Been a Friend to Me.

My bark of life was tossing down
The troubled stream of time,
When first I saw your smiling face,
When youth was in its prime.
Then life’s dark hours were turned to light—
My sorrowed heart was free;
And since that time I’ve always found
You’ve been a friend to me.

Misfortune nursed me as her child,
And loved me fondly, too;
I would have had a broken heart,
Had it not been for you,
Kind words were whispered softly sweet,
But glad I could not be,
Until I found that you had been
A faithful friend to me.—

The light of hope from your bright eyes
Dispelled the clouds of strife,
And shed their rays of sunshine down
My weary path in life;
I now look back upon the past,
Across life’s stormy sea,
And smile to think, ’mid all life’s scenes,
You’ve been a friend to me.—

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