We Parted by the River Side


E. NASON & CO. SONG PUBLISHERS, 120 Fulton Street, New York

We Parted by the River Side.

We parted by the river side:
The moon looked down on you and me,
The stars put on a look of pride,
The river murmured to the sea:
The dew drops kissed the blushing rose,
The gentle winds did sigh:
One word broke nature’s sweet repose,
That sad word was Good-bye!

We parted by the river side:
A tear-drop trembled on your cheek:
In vain to tell my love I tried,
My heart was sad, I could not speak—.
I promised that I would be true,
So long its I would live;
The parting kiss I gave to you,
Was all I had to give.—

We parted by the river side:
And I have roamed a distant clime,
My heart has not forgot its pride:
For I have loved you all the time,
And I am faithful to you still,
While I believe you true:
Afar or near let come what will,
I’ll love you, you, only you.—

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