Widow in the Cottage by the Sea


E. NASON & CO. SONG PUBLISHERS, 120 Fulton Street, New York

Widow in the Cottage by the Sea.

Just one year ago to-day, love,
I became your happy bride,
Changed a mansion for a cottage,
To dwell by the river side;
You told me I’d be happy,
But no happiness I see—
For, to-night I am a widow,
In the cottage by the sea.

From my cottage by the sea-side
I can see my mansion home,
I can see those hills and valleys
Where with pleasure I have roamed:
The last time that I met him,
Oh! How happy then were we—
But, to-night I am a widow
In the cottage by the sea.—

Any my poor and aged father,
How in sorrow he would wait,
And my poor and aged mother,
How in tears her eyes would swell
And my poor and only brother,
Oh! how he would weep for [?]
Who only know his sister;
Was a widow by the sea.—

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