Sour Krout


H. J. Wehman, Song Publisher, 50 Chatham St., New York.

Sour Krout.

Now I want to go and tell you how make good Sour Krout,
So if you listen mit you ears, I’ll tell you all about it;
It is not made out of leather as some people supposes,
But is made from dem flowers what we call Cabbage Roses.

Now where dis Cabbage is growing, so nice as nice can be,
We pull dem up and chop dem not pigger as a pea;
Den we put dem in a tub and stomp dem mit out feet,
Und stomp, und stomp, und stomp to make dem nice und sweet.

So den we put in plenty salt but don’t use no snuff,
We don’t use no skyum pepper nor any of dat stuff;
We put dem down the cellar till he begins to shmell,
So help me lieber gracious, us Dutchmans like him well.

So when he smells like dunder, und can’t shmell no shmeller,
We go down by dat tub what we leave down dat cellar;
We put some in a kettle mit speck und let dem bile,
So help me you can shmell em for fifty thousand miles.

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