The Captain With His Whiskers


H. J. Wehman, Song Publisher, 50 Chatham St., New York.

The Captain with His Whisker;

As they marched through the town, with their banners so gay,
I ran to the window to hear the band play;
I peeped through the blinds very cautiously then.
Lest the neighbors should say I was looking at the men.
Oh! I heard the drums beat, and the music so sweet,
But my eyes at the time caught a much greater treat—
The troop was the finest that ever I did see,
And the Captain with his whiskers took a sly glance at me.

When we met at the hall, I, of course, thought it right
To pretend that we never had met till that night;
But he knew me at once. I perceived by his glance,
And I hung down my head when he asked me to dance;
Oh! he sat by my side sit the end of the set.
And the sweet words he said I never shall forget;
My heart was enlisted and could not get free.
As the Captain with his whiskers took a sly glance at me.

But he marched from the town and I saw him no more,
Yet I think of him still and the whiskers he wore;
I dream all the night, and I talk all the day.
Of the love of n Captain who has gone far away;
I remember with superabundant delight.
When we met in the street and danced all the night;
And I keep in my mind how my heart jumped with glee,
As the Captain with his whiskers took sly glance at me.

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