Dreaming of Home and Mother


H. J. Wehman, Song Publisher. 50 Chatham St., New York.

Dreaming of Home and Mother.

Dreaming of home, dear old home,
Home of my childhood and mother—
Oft when I wake ‘tis sweet to find
I’ve been dreaming of home and mother.
Home, dear home, childhood’s happy home!
When I played with sister and with brother
‘Twas the sweetest joy when we did roam
Over hill and through dale with mother!

Sleep, balmy sleep, close mine eyes,
Keep me still thinking of mother—
Hark! ’Tis her voice I seem to hear—
Yes, I’m dreaming of home and mother.
Angels come soothing me to rest,
I can feel their presence as none other,
For they sweetly say I shall be blest

Childhood has come, come again,
Sleeping I see my dear mother—
See her loved form beside me kneel
While I’m dreaming of home and mother.
Mother dear, whisper to me now,
Tell me of my sister and my brother—
Now I feel thy hand upon my brow—

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