Mantle So Green


H. J. Wehman, Song Publisher, 50 Chatham St., N. Y.

Mantle So Green.

As I went a walking, one evening in June,
To view the fair fields and meadows so green,
I spied a young damsel; she appeared like a queen,
With her costly fine robes, and her mantle so green.

I stood in amaze—I was struck with surprise;
I thought her an angel that fell from the skies;
Her eyes like the diamond, her cheeks like the rose;
She is one of the fairest that nature composed.

Said I: Pretty fair maid, if you come with me
We will join in wedlock, and married we’ll be;
I’ll dress you in rich attire, and you’ll appear like a queen,
With your costly fine robes, and your mantle so green!

She answered me: Young man, you must be refused,
For I’ll wed with no man, you must me excuse;
To the green hills I’ll wander, to shun all men’s view,
For the lad that I love, lies in famed Waterloo.

Since you are not married, tell me your love’s name;
I have been in battle, I might know the same.
Draw near to my garment, and there you will see—
His name is embroidered on my mantle so green.

On the raising of her mantle, it’s there I behold
His name and his surname, in letters of gold;
Young William O’Reilley appeared in my view;
He was my chief comrade in famed Waterloo.

We fought so victorious, where bullets did fly,
And in the field of Norvon your true lover does lie.
We fought for three days to the fourth afternoon.
He received his death summons on the 18th of June.

As he was a dying, I heard his last cry:
Were you here, lovely Nancy, content I would die.
Peace is proclaimed, and the truth I’ll declare;
Here is your love’s token, the gold ring I wear.

I stood in amazement, the paler she grew:
She flew from my arms, with her heart full of woe.
To the green hills I’ll wander for the lass that I love!
Rise up, lovely Nancy, your grief I’ll remove.

Oh! Nancy, lovely Nancy, it was I won your heart!
In your father’s garden, that day we did part,
In your father’s garden, within a green shadow tree,
Where I rolled you in my arms, in your mantle so green.

This couple has got married; I heard people say
They had nobles to attend them on their wedding day.
Now peace is proclaimed, and the war is all o’er;
You are welcome to my arms, lovely Nancy, once more.

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