Pull Down the Blind


The Music of this Song can be had of Henry J. Wehman, Song Publisher, No.50 Chatham St., New York,or will be sent to any address, post-paid, on receipt of 30 cents in postage stamps.

Pull Down the Blind.

Did you ever make love? if not, have a try;
I courted a girl once, so bashful and shy—
A fair little creature, who, by the by,
At coaxing and wheedling had such a nice way,
Every night to her house I went;
In harmless delight our evenings were spent;
She had a queer saying, whatever it meant,
For whenever I enter’d her house she would say:

How loving we were! how cosy we’d chat
’Bout one thing and t’other and of this thing and that;
With my arm round her waist, how cosy we sat,
Like two little turtle-doves perch’d on a tree;
Such squeezing and teasing, and pleasing we had,
Such wooing and cooing to make our hearts glad;
With laughing and chaffing I near drove her mad,
But still she was awfully spooney on me.
Spoken—And if that soldier would only have left us alone, she would never have exclaimed—

One night, for a change, we went to the Play,
And when we got home she was awfully gay;
She saw them make love, and so learn’d the way,
The piece was “Claude Melnotte,” and suited her fine;
She call’d me her rose-bud, her duck, and her dear,
Sue threw her arms round me, while fast fell each tear;
She cried, “Oh, don’t leave me, for sadly I fear
You don’t love me truly; say, will you be mine?”
Spoken—Just at that moment a policeman passed, and she said—

Our courting days o’er, at last we were wed,
I oft bless the hour when to church her I led—
I now call her Mary, and she calls me Ned;
We’re happy and loving, and never know strife;
We’ve a fine, handsome lass, and two noble boys,
Trouble or sorrow ne’er us annoys;
Of life we’ve the sweets, and while tasting its joys,
I’m thankful I'm blessed with a good little wife.
Spoken—And should an angry word rise to my lips, with a meek smile on her face she’ll exclaim—

H. J. Weham, Song Publisher, 50 Chatham St., N. Y.

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