Do Not Heed Her Warning


The Music of this Song can be had of Henry J. Wehman, Song Publisher, No. 50 Chatham St., New York, or will be sent to any address, Post-paid, on receipt of 35 cents in postage stamps.


Lady, do not heed her warning—
Trust me, thou shall find me true;
Constant as the light of morning,
I will ever be to you.
Lady, I will not deceive thee,
Fill thy guileless heart with woe;
Trust me, lady, and believe me,
Sorrow thou shalt never know

Lady, every joy would perish,
Pleasures all would wither fast,
If no heart could love and cherish,
In this world of storm and blast—
E’en the stars that gleam above thee,
Shine the brightest in the night;
So would he who fondly loves thee,
In the darkness be thy light.

Down beside the flowing rive,
Where the dark-green willow weeps,
Where the leafy branches quiver,
There a gentle maiden sleeps—
In the morn a lonely stranger
Comes and lingers many hours—
Lady, he’s no heartless ranger;
For, he strews her grave with flowers.

Lady, head thee not her warning—
Lay thy soft white hand in mind;
For, I seek no fairer laurel
Than the constant love of thine.
When the silver moonlight brightens,
Thou shall slumber on my breast,
Tender words thy soul shall lighten,
Lull thy spirit into rest.

H. J. Wehman, Song Publisher, 50 Chatham St., N. Y.

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