Tenting on the Old Camp-Ground


The Words and Music of this Song will be sent to any address, post-paid, on receipt of 40 cents, by H. J. Wehman, P. O. Box 1823, New York City Catalogue of Songs, Books, Novelties, &c., sent free.

Tenting on the Old Camp-Ground

We’re tenting to-night on the old camp-ground,
Give us a song to cheer
Our weary hearts, a song of home,
And friends we love so dear!

We’ve been tenting, to-night, on the old camp-ground,
Thinking of the days gone by;
Of the loved ones at home, that gave us the hand,
And the tear that said, Good-bye!—

We are tired of war on the old camp-ground;
Many are dead and gone,
Of the brave and true, who’ve left their homes;
Other have been wounded long.—

We’ve been fighting to-day on the old camp-ground;
Many are lying near—
Some are dead, and some are dying—
Many are in tears!

H. J. Wehman, Song Publisher, 50 Chatham St., New York.

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