The Cottage By the Sea


The Sheet Music of this Song can be had of H. J. Wehman, Song Publisher, No.50 Chatham St., New York, or will be sent to any address, post-paid, on receipt of 35 cents in postage stamps.


Childhood’s days now pass before me,
Forms and scenes of long ago;
Like a dream they hover o’er me,
Calm and bright as evening’s glow;
Days that knew no shade or sorrow,
When my heart, pure and free,
Joyful hailed each coming morrow,
In the cottage by the sea.

Fancy sees the rose-trees twining,
’Round the old and rustic door;
And, below, the white beach shining,
Where I gathered shells of yore—
Hears my mother’s gentle warning,
As she took me on her knee;
And I feel again life’s morning,
In the cottage by the sea.—

What, though years have rolled above me,
Though ’mid fairer scenes I roam,
Yet I ne’er shall cease to love thee,
Childhood’s dear and happy home!
And, when life’s long day is closing,
Oh! how pleasant would it be,
On some faithful breast reposing,
In the cottage by the sea.—

H. J. Wehman, Song Publisher, 50 Chatham St., N. Y.

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