Where Was Moses When the Light Went Out?


The words and Music of this Song will be sent to any address, post-paid, on receipt of 40 cents, by H. J. Wehman, P. O. Box 1823, New York City. Catalogue of Songs, Books, Novelties, &c., sent free.


When but a child I used to go to bed at eight each night,
The nurse girl used to frighten me when she put out the light,
She’d talk of ghosts and goblins in a very awful way,
She’d then put out the candle and to me she used to say:

Now Moses being my Christian name I used to feel afraid,
And dreading something awful I for hours awake have laid,
Sometimes I’d cry myself asleep, but horrid things I dream’d,
For naughty ghosts at my bedside glar’d at me while they scream’d.

Upon the nurse I split and she was kindly asked to leave,
But Moses Muggins married her for which we did not grieve;
I met her in the street when she had just two days been wed,
And didn’t she warm my jacket when I innocently said:

Some twenty years passed by before I heard the phrase again,
Alone with a young lady I was riding in the train,
We rushed into a tunnel, and when all was pitchy dark,
My lively little lady friend gave vent to this remark:

Now when once more the light of day we saw, to her I said,
As you’ve ’waken’d up old memories you’re the girl I’d like to wed;
We’re married now, and six fine boys amuse us every night,
And sing this jolly chorus when their Pa puts out the light:

H. J. Wehman, Song Publisher 50 Chatham St., New York.

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