On de Oder Side of Jordon


THOMAS M. SCROGGY, Publisher, CARD AND FANCY JOB PRINTER, 443 Vine Street, above Thirteenth, Where all New Songs can be obtained.

On de oder side of jordon.

Oh! de Prohibitory Law dey say am goin for to pass,
And rum shops close accordin,
And if you want a drink,
To get it you will have to trable to the oder side of Jordon.

Oh! dey say dat Mrs. Harriet Beecher Stowe has got home
For to build another Uncle Tom’s Cabin,
But before she get through, she will hear a word or two,
From the oder side of Jordon.

Oh! in New York, de oder night, I went to Jullien’s promoteum,
Whar dey play music from night to de mornin,
Oh, dey scraped de big fiddle and blowed de big horn
Till dey scared de spirits on de oder side of Jordon.

Oh! down South when de brack folk die,
De friends day all go in mornin,
For fear dar old massa will whack em on de head
When dey got on de oder side ob Jordon.

Oh! Consolidation Bull am passed,
And de New Yorkers am mad as creation,
Dey talk about forming a co-partnership
With de land holders on de oder side of Jordon.

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