Amber Tresses Tied in Blue


The Words and Music of this Song will be sent to any address, post-paid, on receipt of 40 cents, by H. J. Wehman, P. O. Box 1823, New York City. Catalogue of Songs, Books, Novelties, &c., sent free.

Amber Tresses Tied in Blue.

Far away, in sunny meadows,
Where the merry sunbeams played.
Oft I lingered ’mid the clover,
Singing to a village maid;
She was fairer than the fairest,
Ever faithful, fond and true,
And she wore, beneath a bonnet,
Amber tresses tied in

Ere the Summer days departed
We had made a solemn vow,
And I never, never wearied,
Kissing her sweet cheek and brow;
She was dearer than the dearest,
Pure as drops of morning dew,
And adown her neck was hanging
Amber tresses tied in blue.—

’Twas decreed that fate should part us
Ere the leaves of Autumn fell,
And two loving hearts were severed,
That had loved each other well;
She was all I had to cherish—
She has bade a last adieu—
And I see, in every vision,
Amber tresses tied in blue.—

H. J. Wehman, Song Publisher, 50 Chatham St., New York.

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