See That My Grave's Kept Green


LYNN & CO., 104 and 106 John Street, New York.

See that my grave’s kept green.

When I am dead and gone from you, darling,
When I am laid away in my grave,
When my spirit has gone to heaven above,
To Him who my soul will save;
When you are happy and gay once more,
Thinking of days that have been,
This one little wish I ask of you—
See that my grave is kept green.

Though the hours of joy now are passing,
Yet how soon, alas! they will fade—
Though your glances of love are meeting my own,
Fair sunlight will turn to shade,
When from the world and its hopes I go,
Leave forever this scene;
Though others are dead, ah! will you then
See that my grave’s kept green?—

Will you keep me, love, in remembrance,
Though the voice of chiding be heard,
And while others may speak in censure or blame,
Yet breathe no unkindly word?
Tell me you’ll think of the past,
Think of the joys we have seen;
This one little promise keep for me—
See that my grave’s kept green.—

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