A New Song



Freemen, shall it e’er be said,
That the Banker you shall dread,
And you shall be in want of bread,
No, no, that shall not be?
Now’s the day, and now’s the hour,
Sip the honey from the flower,
Forward, Boys, resist their power,
And you shall be free.

For by oppressive laws and pains,
We must not feel degrading chains,
But we will drain our dearest veins,
To keep our Borough free!
We’ll let the proud usurpers know,
Their tricks, for us, will be no go,
And they shall fall beneath the blow,
And we will be free.

Who would be a Banker’s knave,
Who would be an hireling slave,
Who would e’er himself degrade,
A traitor, coward, he?
The Parrott will plead the Freeman’s cause
Defend their Liberty and Laws,
Deserves our thanks and best applause,
And all will join with we.

Brother Freemen, let’s unite,
To arms, my Boys, prepare to fight,
To maintain our dearest rights,
For slaves we will not be!
Be firm, and we shall win the day,
For our good Friends, no doubt will say,
Let Macclesfield Freemen have fair play,
They must, they shall be free!

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