Parrott For Ever!


Parrott for ever!

YE Free-born Sons of Maccl’sfield,
Will ye to the Tyrant yield?
Or will you meanly quit the field,
Subjected to his paw?
Or will you be, with heart and hand,
United to the Faithful Band,
Determined to make a stand,
Against his growing power?

If you’d have your children free,
T’ enjoy their rights and liberty,
Come, join yourselves along with me,
Support the Cause of PARROTT—
Then, round the standard rally soon,
Bedeck’d with Orange and with Blue,
And to the Man be ever true,
Who nobly will defend you!

If you love your Country’s Cause
Of Justice, and of equal Laws,
Inlist yourselves in PARROTT’S Cause,
By which to crush the Tyrant!—
Then be ye firm unto a man,—
Baffle all the enemy’s plans,—
Enrol yourselves in PARROTT’S Clan,
And the victory is your own.

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