To the Independent Electors of the Newly Enfranchised Borough of Macclesfield


J. Lancashire, Printer, Brunswick Street.

To The Independent Electors of the Newly Enfranchised Borough of Macclesfield.

ELECTORS free! who wish to see,
The crest of Freedom reared,
Who wish to use and not abuse,
What ought to be revered;

Who love our cause, respect our laws,
Whose hearts can ever feel;
Whose breasts as fond, in truth respond;
To Liberty’s appeal.

Beware! beware! there is a snare,
A wily trap for you,
To blind your sight, to steal your right,
And taint your honour too.

Let “Searchers” search, and make their church,
A sanctified disguise,
And ’neath that cloak, cowardly croak
Scurrility and lies.

Let fools combine, to raise a swine,
Their liberties to mock,
And just to please, accept the fees,
The brib’ry of a “Brock,”

The “hireling knave” may loudly rave,
And act a puppet’s part;
The shallow fool may be a tool
To buy and sell a heart.

The cringing slave, who does not save,
His credit or his vote;
His actions sly may justify,
And on his virtues doat.

But will the breasts, where honour rests,
The good, the firm, the free?
Entrust the paws of “Brocks” with laws,
Our rights and liberty.

Will men, who feel a Christian zeal,
An Unitarian see?
To Church we know a dastard foe,
A coward enemy.

And honest men, I ask again,
Is this? is this to be?
If this is all, it’s nought but thrall,
It is not to be free.

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