A New Song



A New Song, Tune With Wellingtion We’ll Go.To commemorate the Victory obtained by the Freemen Over Wealth And Power.

Come all you loyal freemen bold
And listen to my theme,
While I relate a battle, fought
On Maxfield Guild-Hall plain,
By “Banker, of the Pear Tree’s get,”
“Baron,” of Hunter’s blood
And famous “Pretty Polly,” who’s
“Grandsire’s” not understood.

Early on Monday morn, before
The rising of the Sun,
Their troops began to muster, with
The music and with drum;
The “Banker’s” being led by “Paul,”
The “Baron’s,” by old Tim,
And “Polly’s” by brave “Jonathan,”
Who vow’d he would beat “Grim.”

The “Banker,” trusted in his wealth,
The “Baron,” in his power,
“Pol,” in the men who prov’d to be
Inflexible, though poor.
The troops now march’d upon the ground,
To commence th’ artful fight,
The people all did flock around
To view the novel sight!

“Blame your head” and “Totherem poo
King Dick and “Puff Guts” too,
Resolv’d on working “Pol’s” downfall,
But this they could not do:
The “Baron” thought, with his mushrooms,
That he would defeat them,
But Wil Rusht on with “Polly’s men
And nobly did rout ’em.

The battle now grew fierce and hot,
The “Banker” soon did fall,
“Paul,” in his dumps, was heard to say,
We must retire by “Law.”
The “Baron” fought most manfully
But he was, mistaken,
Compell’d to yield and quit the field,
By which t’ save his bacon.

The battle now is o’er and past,
The victory is won—
“Pol” was Chair’d—the Band play’d “behold
Th’ conquering hero comes.”
The bells did ring most merrily,
The people did rejoice,
Because they, had elected Parrott,
The man of their own choice.

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