Lines On the Death of the Confederate Gen. Albert Sidney Johnston, of KY.


On the death of the Confederate Gen. Albert Sidney Johnston, of Ky.

Thou art gone to thy rest,
Thou brave fearless soldier;
The world with its woes
Has passed from thy view;
Of all they companions
None ever were bolder,
In honor and justice,
None were more true.

With heartfelt emotion,
Thy children now mourn thee;
Their hearts droop with sorrow,
At thy sudden fall:
To the grave thy brave soldiers
With anguish have borne thee,
But bow with submission
At heaven’s just call.

Thy people though robbed,
Oppressed, and insulted,
Butchered and murdered
By hireling knaves;
Thy name still shall live,
In the hearts of the soldiers,
They’ll die like true patriots
Than live like base slaves.

Though sorrow enshrouds
The Southern dominions,
And rude dogs of war
Howl o’er its bright plain:
And the ground over run
With Lincoln’s vile minions,
Who murder for hire,
And plunder for gain.

Yet a bright ray of sunshine,
Breaks through the vast darkness;
’Tis the spirit of JOHNSTON,
Looking down from above;
He bids his brave soldiers,
To be firm and undaunted,
And trust in their God,
Full of truth, might and love!

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