Great Big Bethel Fight.


Great Big Bethel Fight. Awful Calamity.

I’ll tell you of a tale that lately befel,
And the place where it happened was big Bethel,

Magruder peppered away like the devil,
‘Till Pierce began home to travel,

The Dutchmen and the Trojans met,
The Dutchmen made the Yankees sweat,

When to learn the Dutch they soon began,
There own Zouaves shot them as they ran,

Soon they rallied and marched on,
The Dutchmen bragging what they done,

Talking loudly of what fun,
T’would be to see Magruder run,

Then Greble mounted on a gun,
And swore he first would see the fun,

While still they heard the cannons roar,
Still through their ranks the shot now tore,

Attacked in front and flank and rear,
Nor enemy in sight, but panic fear,

Siezed Peirce, who thought he’d done
Enough for courage so he’d run,

Magruder sent a shot or two,
To help them, so away the flew,

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