The Saucy Little Turtle.



Down on Mississippi river,
The other day,
Three ships with cannon mounted,
In pride they lay.
Boasting of their wrrlike prowess,
Pretty ships of war,
Lying still the stream blockading,
Naught their peace did mar.

In those waters lived a Turtle,
A saucy little dear,
Dressed in steel from top to bottom,
Beneath her was a spear.
Now this saucy little Turtle,
Dressed in fine array,
With fourteen guns firmly mounted,
To keep her foes away.

Got up steam to pay a visit,
To this powerful tribe,
She first made at the big ship Preble,
Smashed in all her side.
Down went ship and all its rigging,
In the angry sea,
Captain, crew, and all the soldiers,
Now cease to be.

The crew of the other two big monsters,
Filled with affright,
Poured their vollies on the Turtle,
With all their might.
No effect at all upon her,
Did their bullets take,
She chased them both in shallow water,
Now for the shore they make.

Success to brave old Captain Hollins,
Whose Turtle fought so well,
This brave exploit by Maryland’s son,
All history will tell.

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