Our Own Dixie.


Our Own Dixie. Dedicated to the Southern Confederacy.

From Baltimore the people say,
Old Abram Lincoln ran away,
Ran away, ran away, ran away, Dixie Land
By Adams’ Express, like china ware,
Marked this side up with greatest care,
He was there, you may stare, he was there, he was there.
He didn’t like old Dixie, Hurrah, Hurrah,
He didn’t like old Dixie Land,
So in Baltimore he made no stand,
Away, away, away he ran through Dixie,
Away, away, he ran away through Dixie.

The Southern States were not allured,
By old Abe’s speech made up by Seward,
No, not they, no, not they, not they, Dixie Land
He’ll take the forts” if he can get them,
But I think he’s found the South won’t let them
No, not they, no not they, not they, Dixie Land,
I think he will not get them, Hurrah, Hurrah,
Because Abe would not caution heed,
He found Virginia could secede,
Yes indeed, secede, secede did our old Dixie.
Yes indeed, secede, secede did “our own Dixie.”

Who was it blessed freedom won,
Virginia’s great and god-like son,
Washington, Washington, Washington, Washington,
The boon he gave was Liberty,
We have been and we must be free,
Liberty, Liberty, must be free, Liberty.
We love our dear old Dixie, Hurrah, Hurrah,
A cabinet with Northern tricks,
Has got Abe Lincoln in a fix
In a fix, with then tricks, has got old Abram Lincoln
In a fix, with their tricks, has got old Abram Lincoln.

If all the Southern States combined,
Would fling their banners to the wind,
To the wind, to the wind, to the wind, to the wind,
Then let this motto graven be,
“We live or die for liberty,”
Liberty, Liberty, we’ll be free, Liberty,
We’ll fight for our old Dixie, Hurrah, Hurrah,
Yes brothers of one Southern Land,
With all our hearts let’s join our hands,
Hurrah, Hurrah, and live or die for Dixie,
Hurrah, Hurrah, shout three times three for Dixie.

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    Crisp, Jessie Clarke.
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    29 cm x 18.5 cm
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