Run, Yank, or Die!


Run, Yank, or Die!

Now if you all will listen while I relate
About the case of freedom you’re here to calculate,
Old Abe tried to enslave us, but soon it was the cry:
O, Liberty for Southern boys! run Yank, or die:

The finest looking mortal that ever I die see,
He tied John Brown to a white oak tree,
To see him tie the rope, you ought to stood by,
’Twas done with Carolina cotton—Run Yank, or die.

There’s old Andy Johnson, of East Tennessee,
He’s gone and join’d Lin[?] set the negro free,
But when he undertakes it, he’s sure for to sigh,
He’ll back from the Southern boys—Run, Yank, or die

The little Northern Yankees are getting very sick,
They don’t like the medicine because it is so thick,
And when they go to take it, its sure to hurt their eye,
They don’t like the Southern pills—Run, Yank, or die,

We’re going out to Richmond to get all the news,
We’re coming back by Washington to get old Lincoln’s shoes;
And as we walk the streets, the Yankees they will fly,
They’ll hollow out it’s Southern boys—Run, Yank, or die,

Old General Scott is a mighty great sinner.
He never comes to light us but he is sure to bring his dinner;
When he saw the boys coming, it was time for to fly,
For Jeff was after him—Run, Yank, or die.

The little Northern Yankees are getting very grand,
They brought down their dinner and sat it on our land;
They had all kinds of spices mixed up in pie,
But the Southern boys eat it up—Run, Yank, or die.

There was the Northern ladies, no doubt they looked fine,
Standing round the tables with demijohns of wine;
But when they saw us coming, they made their hoops fly,
’Twas no place for women folks—Run, Yank, or die.

Old Abe’s head is now a getting gray,
He asked General Davis for a ninety days’ stay:
He had to have money, he wanted time to try,
But Jeff wouldn’t grant it to him—Run, Yank, or die.

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    Still Image
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    Crowson, T. W.
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    22.5 cm x 18.5 cm
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