The Battle of Drainesville


The Battle of Drainesville

On the twentieth of December,
Eighteen hundred and sixty-one,
In the afternoon, at one o’clock,
The Drainesville fight begun,
The Third Brigade the gallant crew,
To forage were they sent;
And before the dawn of day,
They on their way had went.

To Drainesville did they wend their way,
Their forage to obtain;
And no Sesechers did they meet,
Until that place they gained,
But scarcely had they there arrived
In that much noted place.
Before the Rebels, in ambush, fired,
As if they had a race.

The Second Brigade the firing heard,
While lounging around their camp,
And to go and help the gallant Third,
Were we anxious for the tramp,
We soon received our orders,
To fall-in without delay,
And for the field of battle,
To quickly make our way.

To reinforce the gallant Third,
That noble bold Brigade,
With gallant ORD to lead them on,
They never were dismayed,
Fall-in we did, at a very fast rate,
And started for the fun,
But on the ground we came too late,
To see the Rebels run.

The Bucktail band they could not stand,
Their metal was too tough,
A retribution did they demand,
For the battle of Balls Bluff,
They left their guns, their haversacks,
Canteens and all behind,
And to run away they turned their backs,
For so they felt inclined,

The Bucktails then a volley fired,
And shot them in the back,
And here and there a Rebel lay,
A bleeding in his track,
Our boys they whipped the Rebel horde,
We whipped them two to one,
The shameful flight they made them take,
It by far, eclipsed Bull Run.

Then McCALL the hero bold,
Ordered his men to halt,
A hundred Rebel dead had told,
They had given them pepper and salt,
The Rebel loss was very great,
The number of a hundred and sixty,
Will never again tread any state,
Down South, in the land of Dixie.

Now to bring my poem to an end,
In Pennsylvania’s name,
The gallant Third has gained a name,
A never dying fame,
We have shown the Rebel traitors horde.
That Pennsylvania’s sons,
Will have no such defeat affairs,
As Balls Bluff, or Bull Run.
Camp Pierpoint, Va. Dec. 31 1861.

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