The Lone Star Camp Song.


The Lone Star Camp Song.

Our Rifles are ready, and ready are we,
Neither fear, care, or sorrow in this Company,
Our Rifles are ready to welcome the foe,
So onward brave boys, we go,
To South Carolina, the land where the bright lone star,
Leads to beauty in peace, and glory in war.

With aim never erring, we strike down the Union like deers,
We chill the false heart of the Union men with fear,
The blood of the Americans flows full in the veins,
Of the lads who will lord over Carolina’s plains,
O’er the plains where the breeze from the South was the flowers,
As we press those we love in their sweet Summer bowers.

One pledge to our loves, when the battle is done,
We shall share the broad lands our rifles have won,
No tear on the cheek, should we sleep with the dead,
There are brave ones to follow who will still go ahead,
Who will still go-ahead with the bright lone star,
That leads to beauty in peace, or glory in war.

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    Cook, Joe.
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