The Song of the Exile.


The Song of the Exile.

Oh, here I am in the land of cotton,
The flag once honored is now forgotten;
Fight away, fight away, fight away for Dixie’s land.
But here I stand for Dixie dear,
To fight for freedom, without fear;
Fight away, fight away, fight away for Dixie’s land.

Oh have you heard the latest news,
Of Lincoln and his kangaroos;

His minions they would now oppress us,
With war and bloodshed they’d distress us!

Abe Lincoln tore through Baltimore,
In a baggage car with fastened door;

And left his wife alas, alack!
To perish on the railroad track!

Abe Lincoln is the President,
He’ll wish his days in Springfield spent;

We’ll show him that Old Scott’s a fool,
We’ll never submit to Yankee rule!

At first our States were only seven,
But now we number stars eleven;

Brave old Missouri shall be ours,
Despite old Lincoln’s Northern powers!

We have no ships, we have no navies,
But mighty faith in the great Jeff Davis;

Due honor too we will award,
To gallant Bragg and Beauregard!

Abe’s proclamation in a twinkle,
Stirred up the blood of Rip Van Winkle;

Jeff Davis’ answer was short and curt
“Fort Sumpter’s taken, and “nobodys hurt!”

We hear the words of this same ditty,
To the right and left of the Mississippi;

In the land of flowers hot and sandy,
From Delaware Bay to the Rio Grande!

The ladies cheer with heart and hand,
The men who fight for Dixie’s land;

The “Stars and Bars” are waving o’er us,
And Independence is before us!

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