Volunteer Mess Song.


John Hopkins, Printer, New Levee-st. 4th D.

Volunteer Mess Song.

Here’s to our Generals brave, who we know will
well behave,
With their officers and soldiers to sustain em ha, ha,
Foes, in meeting the Louisiana Guards, had better
square their yards,
And stear clear of this our hapyy land of Caanan.

When the enemy heaves in sight, we’ll cry with
all our might,
On, on boys, let’s give our foes a training,
With one accord we’ll shout, wipe the abolitionists
For invading this our hapyy land of Caanan.

Then here’s to Southern Rights, in whose cause we
are engaged to fight,
Our conduct shall tell In the strife we’re now en-
gaged in;
And our lives we’ll deadly sell, the invaders to repel
From this our happy land of Caanan.

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