*Flashing, flashing along the wires,
The glorious news each heart inspires,
The war in Charleston has begun,
Its smoke obscured this morning’s sun;
As with cannon, mortar and petard,
We saluted the North with our Beauregard!

See the crowds in every street,
Scan the face of each man you meet,
Hear their purpose in every breath,
Fight to thy last, aye fight to the death!
And with cannon, mortar and petard,
Salute them with our Beauregard!

Morris and Pinckney and Johnson too,
And Moultrie filled with the brave and true,
Thousands are hourly rushing in,
Eager to join the battle’s din;
To hoist Old Abe with his own petard,
And salute him with our Beauregard!

Ere the sun goes down this April day,
The Palmetto free from Lincoln’s sway,
Shall stand as the emblem green and strong,
Of the bold brave hearts who atoned her wrong,
Who with cannon, mortar and petard,
Avenged the South with Beauregard!

†The battle’s fought, the victory’s won,
Abe’s flag’s hauled down by Anderson,
Now the Border States no more will retard,
But wheel into line under Beauregard;
And with cannon, mortar and petard,
Take Washington with Beauregard!

‡Another deed heroic’s done.
Another blooming chaplet won;
By that peerless dauntless one,
Louisiana’s gallant son,
And now no army can retard
Washington’s capture by Beauregard!

On Manassas bloody field,
We made the hireling Hessians yield;
And following fast to see the fun,
Forced them back on Arlington;
As with cannon, mortar and petard,
We saluted Old Abe with our Beauregard!

How long for assistance, must we look?
How long must we such insults brook?
The time is coming, aye! soon will come,
When here we’ll hear the Old Line’s drum,
When with cannon, mortar and petard,
They’ll free Maryland with Beauregard!

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