Hurrah For Jeff. Davis.


Hurrah For Jeff. Davis.

Our Country now calls, we’ll up and away,
To meet the vile Yankee in battle array,
The Palmetto State were the first to declare,
Their people as free as their own Ocean air.

To Richmond says Scott, to Richmond I’ll go,
Virginia’s my home but I am her foe;
And with his great army he left Washington,
But his carriage was taken at bloody Bull Run.

Taking Fort Sumter was said to be hard,
But her walls tumbled down before Beauregard;
Virginia was wrong, but now she is right,
She showed at Great Bethel she knew how to fight

Old Butler sent Crosby our coasts to invade,
But of our masked batteries he was sorely afraid;
Abe Lincoln’s a fool, and virtuously a scamp,
To whip the vile millions who are going in camp.

Come all ye young men a thousand and more,
And help us to fight for old Eastern Shore;
With God for our guide and his grace to fight with,
We’ll follow the victory of gallant young Smith

When the war times are all over, we’ll all change [our life;
And take to our homes some nice little wife;
We’ll gather our children all round our knees,
And sing to the youngsters as long as we please.

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