Dear Liberty or Maryland Will Be Free


Dear Liberty Or Maryland Will Be Free.

Farewell, dear Liberty, farewell for awhile,
E’re long we’ll greet thee again;
To bear with oppression, and in God put our trust,
And the Sons of our home will proclaim

The siege of oppression is now near an end,
The usurpers are men of our homes;
The vilest of wretches that infest our soil,
To make laws to predict our doom.

The loved ones in battle will return to their homes,
To be cherished by them that are dear;
Our Fathers now in prison will partake of the feast,
And I am sure they’ll have nothing to fear.

In silence and peace we’ll repair to the box,
There to make known our doom;
And then we’ll proclaim to the world in one voice,
The South is forever our home.

The grottoes, the rivers, the hills, and the plains,
Will abound with mirth and great glee;
And the love of our Country forever is dear,
Where the heart of her people are free.

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