Congratulatory Lines to Brother Jonathan, On the Dictatorship of Abe Lincoln



Ah! Jonathan you little thought when all your hills and vales,
Rang with the cheers for “Honest Abe,” the splitter of the rails,
That “Honest Abe” would take his axe and whittle out a throne,
And while you fought for Southern slaves would make you all his own.

That while you shouted for the war and spoke of hempen collars,
That war would fall so heavy on your dear Almighty dollars;
You filled the world with brags and boasts of warlike preperation,
But you, to be a conscript now, beats all your “Calkelation.”

The South still stands with dented shield but with a dripping blade,
While weak and weary of the strife you wish the storm were stayed,
But Abe’s splay foot is on your throat you’ve given him power to choke.
Now pour your blood and spend your gold—“He likes a little joke.”

You did’nt “guess” that you yourself would know how tharaldrom feels,
You did’nt “Calkelate” on debt or dream about bastilles,
Nor to hear your orphans’ cry, nor see your widows’ fireless hearth,
To see yourself the scorn, the scoff, the laughter of the earth.

Now you must bow to such a thing, “I swar it beats all nature,”
That honest Abe, your puppet once, should now be your Dictator;
But crouch to him, you cowered, at the British Lion’s growl,
Then cast you down upon the dust, and gnash your teeth and howl.

Howl, not because your once proud flag had trailed in Southern mud,
Nor that the very land is red with rivulets of blood,
Howl not in rage and envy at a South victorious still,
Nor o’er your dead that moulder on its every swamp and hill;
But broken laws, and squandered gold, disaster and misrule,
Ay, howl, that e’er so “cute a chap” was “sich a tarnal fool.”

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